Father Jacob Evans, Priest in Charge

praying hands Prayer Chain

Believing in the power of prayer, we have an active prayer team ministry at St. Matthew's and join in prayer for those who are in need of support, healing or guidance. If you wish to be added to the prayer chain or to have the name of friends or family added, please contact the Parish office or email the Rector.


Home Visits

If you need spiritual counseling or wish to have a home visit by the rector, contact the Parish office or email the Rector.


Ministry to the Sick

If you or a family member are ill or know of someone from St. Matthew's who is ill or in the hospital, please let the Rector know! He can only make a visit if he knows that one is needed or wanted and with new privacy laws in place, it is difficult to know who is in the hospital without some help from you. Also please let us know whether to add the person to the prayer chain. (see above)